Quality and Comfort


As said in the Gastro Deza magazine, "Casa Don Din compels at first sight. Situated in the noble area of Vila de Cruces, its stone walls tells the ancestral story of a stable life with a strong and distinctive gastronomy. Casa Don Din is a small part of Galicia's history."

The home of a returned migrant from Latin America with strong purchasing power abilities who dedicated his time as a moneylender to the villagers in return for property and land. The rural inn owes its name to how the master was known to say "I don't have the Don, but I do have the (Din-ero) Money", a saying that was thereafter used when the restoration and adaptation to the inn was completed. It is said that the inn was owned previously by the church, as it is found surrounded by the church and the parish house.

Vila de Cruces is an exceptional place to stay while visiting the region of Deza, and Casa Don Din is the place where the guests feel at home



Casa Don Din has 4 rooms:
· 3 double rooms
· 1 single room
All rooms include a private bathroom, TV and central heating.
The current furniture in the attic rooms are antique pieces from the home that have been resorted.

The rooms are comprised of four large areas of great warmth, like the other rooms in the inn, in which comfort and intimacy is most important.


Peak season
(15th of June-15th of September, bank holidays and bank holiday weekends)
· Double room 45€
· Single room 35€

For the convenience of our guests we have at your disposal a cot (free of charge).
For long stay please ask for prices

Low season (Rest of the year)
· Double room 40€
· Single room 30€



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If you prefer you may contact us by telephone: +34 986 592 608 or email: info@casadondin.com