Galicia, a culinary paradise


The Don Din restaurant is part of Gastro Deza, a gastronomic network of the Deza region. The network describes the food at Casa Don Din as "Stand outs for the preparation of the Cocido (Meat stew) and Galo de Curral (Rooster), but also for the grilled barbeque of the best Galicia meats by the expert hands of Santiago Caramés". Our kitchen is traditional and modern using fresh products from within the local area and our own produce.

Galo de Curral, our personal production
As part of our selection of home grown products we also include our infamous production of certified roosters and hens, allowing us to breed and sell the livestock.

Our livestock production is implemented by the Avimós Association, who ensures the reservation of the Galiña de Mos breed, originally from Galicia and one of oldest breeds in the peninsula. Even though the breed came close to extinction, today we are able to conserve and enjoy the beauty and quality of its produce, as they did many years ago.

REGA: ES3602001092201 - Breeder Code: GM00554


Our Menu
You will be able to see a summary of our menu below, divided by starters, meats and seafood. We also serve on a daily basis home-made dessert and our sharer dishes that are served in our cafeteria and terrace.


Ensalada tibia

· Warm scallop and prawn Salad with dried fruits and nuts drizzled with vinegar of Modena
· Goats cheese Salad with caramelized onion
· Don Din Salad
· Mixed mushroom Filloa (Galician Crepe)
· Octopus with prawns (Pulpo de la ría)
· Prawns sautéed with egg and cured ham (Revuelto)
· White broad bean stew with Clams
· Home-made Croquettes
· Fried or grilled Baby squid
· Octopus with steamed potatoes (Pulpo de la ría "á feira")
· Stuffed Piquillo Peppers
· Iberian cured meat platter
· Razor Clams
· Pan fried prawns


Galo de Curral

· Mixed grill platter of Galician Veal*
· Pan fried Veal Rump* (Croca Gallega)
· Tenderloins of pork in breadcrumbs with bacon and Arzua cheese (D.O. Arzúa – Ulloa)
· Mixed Iberian pork with mushrooms (Muñeira de carne)
· Galician Sirloin Steak with a red pepper or cream jus
· Chicken breast with mushroom sauce
· Galician Veal Cutlets

Specialities from Deza
· Galicia meat stew (Lalin speciality)**
· Galo de Curral/Galo de Mos from Vila de Cruces (Home reared roosters and hens)**

* Complete: Salad, fries, bottled water, house wine, dessert and coffee.
** Pre-ordered only, min. 4 people with 48h notice.


Bacalao con piparrada

· Line-caught Hake with garlic
· Cod with sautéed mixed peppers with steamed potatoes
· Pan fried Turbot with home grown vegetables
· Pan fried Octopus with "cachelos" (steamed potatoes)
*Fish of the day available

· Arroz a la marinera (Seafood) Min. 2 people – Approx. 20 min prep time.

Home-made desserts



We have a large dining room area with a capacity for 90 diner's including two private rooms for 14 to 20 diners. We also serve food in our terrace.

Opening Hours
Open on Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.
Closed Mondays (Apart from the 4th/17th of each month, bank holidays or on town festivities)


If you wish to make a reservation or request further information regarding our accommodation and/or restaurant you can do so via the following online form.


Once the request is sent we will contact you by email as confirmation.

If you prefer you may contact us by telephone: +34 986 592 608 or email: